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Meet Dr. David Shapiro

Dr. David A. Shapiro, a highly experienced chiropractor with over 30 years in private practice, is a pioneer in creating the new way chiropractors practice: using specialized, pre-trained Chiropractic Virtual Assistants (CVAs) to support in-office teams.

Team Empowerment Through Intentional Delegation & Leadership in Chiropractic

Dr. Shapiro’s steadfast dedication to Intentional Delegation and Leadership has profoundly impacted his and other chiropractic practices. Dr. Shapiro, a licensed and board-certified chiropractor since 1993, holds the esteemed title of being Georgia’s second Advanced Certified Chiropractic BioPhysics® practitioner, showcasing his unmatched success in the field. 

He has presented his invaluable contributions at prestigious medical conferences, such as the Association of Community Cancer Centers, Penn State’s Clinical Oncology Symposium, The Arizona Clinical Oncology Society, and the 22nd Annual Scripps Nurses’ Symposium in San Diego.

Dr. Shapiro’s groundbreaking Virtual Assistant work centers on intentional delegation, a transformative approach poised to redefine Chiropractic Team Dynamics and revolutionize chiropractic practices across the globe, for exceptional in-person patient care and attention.

Topics and Expertise

Here’s the list of areas of expertise for Dr. David Shapiro:

  • Empowerment Through Intentional Delegation: Dr. Shapiro excels in empowering chiropractic teams through the strategic delegation of tasks and responsibilities, enabling more efficient and patient-focused practices.
  • Leadership Empowerment: With a background in Toastmasters and extensive experience in chiropractic leadership, Dr. Shapiro provides valuable insights into empowering chiropractors and healthcare professionals to become highly effective leaders in their field.
  • Elevating Chiropractic Leadership through Intentional Delegation with Chiropractic Assistants: Dr. David Shapiro pioneers the use of Chiropractic Virtual Assistants (CVAs) to reshape chiropractic practices. He specializes in deliberate delegation through remote assistants, enhancing practice efficiency. This approach streamlines administrative tasks, allowing more time for intentional patient care. By utilizing CVAs, Dr. Shapiro empowers chiropractors to easily elevate patient care quality. This innovative method represents a transformative shift in current chiropractic care standards, promising improved efficiency, higher patient-centered care, and greater in-office team empowerment and satisfaction.

A Personal Success Story

Dr. Shapiro’s journey in enhancing chiropractic care through intentional delegation and leadership is not just theoretical; it’s a practice lived and proven in his own experience.

Initially, Dr. Shapiro held a limiting belief that, as the primary care provider, he needed to develop every clinical protocol personally. This approach consumed a significant portion of his time, detracting from patient care and practice efficiency. However, by recognizing the capabilities and potential of his spinal rehab team, he embarked on a transformative journey. He invested time in training his team on his processes and expectations, a decision that yielded unexpected and exceptional results. The team not only excelled in taking over tasks such as x-ray analysis and patient protocol development but also brought new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to the practice.

With the help of off-site Chiropractic Virtual Assistants (CVAs) to digitize and mark x-rays, the rehab team was able to take full ownership of this process, allowing Dr. Shapiro to focus on review, updates, and final approvals. This shift not only empowered his team but also reclaimed over 6 hours of his time each week, demonstrating a significant improvement in practice efficiency.

Key Benefits Realized:

  • Time Savings: By delegating x-ray analysis and patient protocol development to his trained team, Dr. Shapiro saved over 6 hours weekly, translating to more time for patient care and other critical tasks.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined process allowed for quicker turnaround times in patient care, improving the overall efficiency of the practice.
  • Empowered Team: This approach not only relieved Dr. Shapiro of overwhelming tasks but also empowered his team, boosting morale and satisfaction.
  • Improved Patient Care: With more time for direct patient interaction and care, the quality of service provided to patients significantly improved.

This real-life example not only showcases the effectiveness of Dr. Shapiro’s principles but also serves as an inspiring model for other chiropractic practices seeking to improve efficiency, empower their teams, and elevate patient care standards.

Chiropractic Insights and Innovations with Dr. Shapiro

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