Personal Injury Narratives​


Revolutionize your PI Documentation With Our Narrative Creation Service!

At Chiro Practice Solutions, we believe in supercharging your practice through less hassle and greater impact: Chiropractic Support Simplified! Our PI Narrative Writing Service is a game-changer! Focus on changing your patients’ lives. We will create your narrative including your PI case summary documentation, establish current injury levels and future clinical ramifications, and elevate your personal injury records to a new standard.

  • Crafting a Referral-Based Practice: Revolutionize the creation of your personal injury narratives with our easy-to-use Q&A format. Spend 20 minutes answering PI patient-related questions; we’ll handle the rest! We will craft impactful, valuable, evidence-based, error-free narratives for attorneys and insurers. Have confidence in every word of our professional PI Narratives, and watch the future referrals roll in!

  • Imagine This: Less Stress, More Impact: Visualize narratives becoming effortless, not a chore. Say goodbye to tedious and wasted hours assembling PI documentation. In just 20 minutes of your time, we can create PI narratives that pack a punch. The narrative will tell the patients’ clinical stories, with evidence-based support and case law, in a clear and understandable format for both attorneys and insurance adjusters.

We offer innovative, chiro-specific solutions to help you regain FREEDOM in your practice! We recruit, and onboard the best virtual assistants for your specific practice to free you up to do what you love. Our pre-screened, pre-qualified, and pre-trained Chiro Virtual Assistants are skilled and passionate about what they do, and are ready to support your practice in fulfilling its purpose!

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How It Works:

  • Simplicity Rules
    Our user-friendly Q&A format makes sharing your patients’ injury information easy. We guide you through every detail. We’ve got the questions, you’ve got the answers. We include all case-specific content, supported by cited research and case law. You can always add your personalized touch as our finished product is editable.

  • Masterful Transformation
    Our team of chiropractors, grammar whizzes, and seasoned experts work their magic on your responses. We’ll craft a top-tier, professional narrative, without any typo terrors or word worries.

  • Swift and Precise
    In 7-10 business days, you’ll have a polished narrative that can rock the court. It’s not just a clinical summary; it’s your secret weapon for case victories and much greater monetary settlements. Attorneys have shared that CPS documentation was the deciding factor in getting the award settlements they did.

  • Stand Out with Authority
    Our narratives don’t just tell a story; they showcase credibility and depth through the use of appropriate legal references, precedents, and cited research. The completed narrative will have your practice name and logo and will exemplify professionalism. Attorneys will be impressed by the level of clinical insight, and irrefutable proof of short-term and long-term injury, turning usually challenging negotiations into a breeze.

  • Visual Impact
    Pictures worth more than a thousand words? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s car crash photos, injury visuals, or MRI images, just upload them, and we will seamlessly weave them into the narratives. Say goodbye to boring, and hello to brilliant!

  • Maximize Profit
    If your state allows narrative charges, you have a double jackpot. Not only do we save you time, but we also transform your narratives into a revenue engine for your practice. And when attorneys settle the cases, they know it was your excellent documentation that created the windfall and are less likely to ask you for reductions.

  • Skyrocket Your Value
    Our narratives aren’t just summaries – they’re masterpieces! You’ll be the standout practitioner in the attorney’s legal documentation, adding unbeatable value to every case. Attorneys will want to refer clients to your practice more and more, as they will appreciate the high-level and clinically-sound documentation you provide, saving them hours of sifting through endless pages of patient care information.

Effortless Turnarround, Monumental Results

Cherish your time. We wrap up most narratives within 7-10 days. Once you are familiar with our Q&A format, you’ll spend as little as 20 minutes per narrative. Our Narrative Creator is your ticket to an effortless process, giving you more freedom of time and fewer documentation woes. Our finished product is editable, in case you want to add something after we have completed it.

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Unlock Your Narrative Power with Pricing that Packs a Punch

Your Game-Changer Narrative Begins Here!

When you are ready to make a significant impact in your PI case documentation, our comprehensive onboarding package is priced at just $499. What’s included?

  1. Logo Integration: Seamlessly incorporate your practice logo for a distinct identity.
  2. Personalized Practice Details: We’ll tailor our unique Q&A data collection form to your office’s specific needs, based on our initial questionnaire about your practice.
  3. Expert Formatting: Our specialists ensure your narratives shine with exceptional readability and visual appeal.
  4. Professional Signatures: Elevate your narratives with a touch of professionalism through digital signature inclusion.

Guided Onboarding Included with Your First Purchase

Our Onboarding Assistance delivers an explainer video, with a step-by-step guide through our Narrative Creator. Should you hit any roadblocks, our support team is always here to back you up. Our system is smooth and efficient, designed for you to navigate it with ease.

Elevate Your Success with Every Narrative: $249 Each

Professional narratives are priced at just $249. This incredibly important tool of excellence amplifies your practice’s voice, and commands greater settlements. Imagine being able to demand a fee of $1500 for each truly valuable narrative. These narratives possess the potential to not only significantly elevate settlement outcomes, but also garner genuine appreciation from legal professionals and solidify jurors’ complete understanding of patients’ current and future injury levels. Your Return On Narrative (RON) could be 6 times your investment!

We offer a “Rush Narrative” for $379: 4-5-Day turnaround after submitting your Q&A form.

Ready to unleash your practice’s true potential? Let us handle your PI Narratives, so you can focus on your patients. Reach out now to learn how CPS can revolutionize your PI case documentation. Success awaits, and we’re here to make it happen!